Why use Warrantly?

Handling returned products doesn't have to be difficult, and you don't need to stress about tracking them.

Service Technicians

Easily enter and handle returned goods to monitor.


Keep track of how many products are being returned, and how quickly they're being resolved.


Customers can be easily informed about the status of their warranty claim.

The dashboard gives you all you need

Say goodbye to Excel spreadsheets with an easy to view dashboard, displaying important information and providing your users with the data they need.

Multiple Product support and email templates

Input the products you sell and handle returns for. Create and edit your email template to provide your customers with up to date information on their return.

Email tracking and different types of returns

You can handle goods coming in and also going out. Once a returned item has come back, mark it off as resolved. If you repair a customer's product, mark it as resolved and send it back!

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